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New Year's Eve Menu



Mấm  Trưng Baked pate of cured fish and blended eggs.  Served with slices of toasted baguette, green apple and Vietnamese herbs.
Củ Ci Cun  Crabmeat, avocado and saw-leaf herb wrapped in daikon radish.  Finished with ginger nuoc mam.
Bò Lá Lót  Seasoned ground beef wrapped in wild betel leaves.  Finished with a spicy pineapple-anchovy sauce.  
Nem Cuon Chay  Our signature summer rolls of vegetarian loaf seasoned with cilantro, vegetarian bacon, and Vietnamese greens. Served with gluten free tamari sauce.
Gi Xanh Salad of fresh watercress, red onions, basil and vegetarian braised gluten cakes.  Topped with crushed peanuts and finished with an olive oil and red wine vinaigrette.






Bún Goi Gìa  Rice noodle, calamari, shrimp, roast pork in a savory blended tamarind and lemongrass broth with a hint of anchovy sauce.
Sweet potatoes, peanuts, mushrooms, tapioca, bean curd, and clear vermicelli in a creamy coconut milk broth.
Soup Củ Sen   Lobster and lotus root bisque.  Finished with scallions.




Gà Rôti Roasted natural chicken finished with a melange of sautéed savory sweet - tangy pineapple, onions and bell peppers. Served with our house garlic rice. 
Vịt Rút Xương
  One half, boneless duck marinated in lemongrass, garlic, and red wine.  Lightly pan fried til crisp.  Finished with a spicy nuoc mam and served with perfumed rice.
Cá Nuong Grilled salmon, topped with our ginger nuoc mam.  Served with perfumed rice and steamed vegetables.
Tôm  Ram Mặn  Shrimp sautéed in a sweetened garlic sauce.  Topped with sautéed scallions and served with grilled zucchini and perfumed rice.
Trù Ram  Lamb chop braised with onions and garlic in a sweetened caramelized nuoc mam sauce.  Served with snow peas, carrots, and perfumed rice.
Bò Nuong Si Dầu  Grilled ribeye steak marinated in garlic-chili soy sauce.  Served with steamed snow peas tips and carrots.
Bún Bò Nuong Chã Giò Charcoal grilled sliced beef and fried spring rolls nesting on a bed of vermicelli, lettuce, cucumdber, mint and bean sprouts.  Finished with nuoc mam. 

Thit Kho Tàu  Pork, egg, and bamboo simmered in a savory coconut juice broth.  Served with rice and cucumber and pickled carrots & radish. 
La Gu Chay   Soy bean loaf, mushrooms, pineapple, and tofu cooked in a vegetable and fresh tomatoes sauce.  Served with baguette.
Bánh Uot Chay    Slices of vegetarian loaf seasoned with peppercorn layered over steamed rice cakes built on a bed of lettuce, beansprouts, cucumber and mint. Finished with gluten free tamari sauce.


Three course pre fixe menu - $45 per person.
Please select one dish from each of the above courses.
Call 518.465.8899 for seating reservations.


Our family and the staff at my linh restaurant look forward to serving you on New Year's Eve.

Happy Holidays!

Anh, Linh and All the Staff at my linh