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Facts of Vietnam


-Socialist Republic

-128,527 square miles

-Population is about 75 million people

-Capital: Hanoi with about one million inhabitants

-There are about 85% Vietnamese, 3% Chinese, the rest of the population made up of some 60 groups of Highlanders (people who live near mountain areas)

-Five major languages in Vietnam: Vietnamese, French, Russian, Chinese, and English

-Main religion is Buddhism, the other religions include Confucian and Christianity

Popular artistic forms include: traditional painting on frame-mounted silk, religious sculptures, and laquerware.
Special Events

Tet - late January or early February, marks the new lunar year as well as the advent of spring

Holiday of the Dead - in April, which commemorates deceased relatives

Moon Festival - in September, children carry lit lanterns in different shapes, family get together talk, drink tea, and eat moon cake.

Wandering Souls Day - in August, the second, - largest festival of the year, when offerings of food and gifts are given to the wandering souls of the forgotten dead.

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