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Món Ăn - Entrees

Gà - Poultry

Cary Gà

Chicken, potatoes, and onions simmered in a light coconut milk and spicy curry. Served with baguette.

Bánh Xèo Gà

Crispy crepe filled with chicken, mung beans, bean sprouts, mushrooms and onions. Finished with nuoc mam and served with salad.

Vịt Rút Xương

One half, boneless duck marinated with lemongrass, garlic and wine. Pan fried to a crisp finish and served with spicy nuoc mam. Dressed with perfumed rice.

Ðồ Biển - Seafood

Bún Tôm Nứớng

Charcoal grilled shrimp, sauteed scallions, and shredded sour carrots served on a bed of vermicelli shredded lettuce and bean sprouts. Finished with nuoc mam and sprinkled with chopped peanuts.

Cá Nứớng

Grilled salmon, topped with our ginger nuoc mam. Served with perfumed rice and fresh vegetables.

Bánh Tầm Ðồ Biển

Shrimp and scallops cooked in a light coconut milk blended with nuoc mam sauce, and served over large vermicelli.

Bánh Hỏi Chạo Tôm

Ground shrimp marinated with exotic spices, wrapped around sugar cane & grilled. Served with Vietnamese noodle and salad. Also, rice paper provided to wrap ingredients into delicious rolls.

Bò - Beef

Bánh Hỏi Bò Xào

Sliced beef sauteed with spicy curry and onions, topped with scallion and peanuts. Served with Vietnamese noodle, salad, and nuoc mam. In addition, rice paper provided to wrap ingredients into delicious rolls.

Bò Bốn Món

Four differently seasoned styles of beef: beef wrapped around sugar cane and grilled to perfection; beef seasoned with lemongrass and finished with green pepers; beef marinated with plum sauce and red pepper; finally NY Strip steak marinated with garlic and grilled with black pepper.

Món Chay - Vegetarian

Tofu Bít Tết

Grilled tofu marinated with lemongrass, served with asparagus. Served with perfumed rice. Finished with a spicy bean curd sauce.

Mì Căn Ram Xã

Strips of braised gluten, seasoned with lemongrass, sauteed in vegetarian sauce, accompanied by perfumed rice.

Cải Tươi Xào Chao

Bok-choy, asparagus, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, snow peas and tofu sauteed in a spicy bean curd sauce, served with perfumed rice.

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