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About Us

Our family establishment first opened its doors in September of 1993. We were the first Vietnamese restaurant in Albany.

My family and I came to Albany in 1979. We fled from our country during the Vietnam War. It was a long and arduous eight month plight; one we will never forget. Life was a great struggle upon first settling in Albany, however we were very fortunate to have a loving and supportive sponsor (adoptive family) watch over us.

It took quite a few years to save enough money to open a restaurant. Also, my parents were strong believers of education and so their priority was for my siblings and I to finish college.

My mom and I co-manage the restaurant. Working so closely with family, especially with the intensity of the restaurant business has its challenges to say the least. We have worked very hard to establish a successful business.

We have learned over the years that everyday is an opportunity to grow and excel individually, and as a family working together.

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